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Capsule Team Building Workshops as a part of an Event

Hello Peeps!!! I know it’s been a really long time. We have been a little busy with some interesting work recently. Last week we did some team building workshops for a client which I’d love to tell you about.

I know you guys must be thinking “What’s so interesting about a team building workshop?”. But let me tell you, these workshops that we did for this client were not like the ordinary one and two day team building workshops that we generally do. These were small one hour workshops, which were a part of a big learning week event. So it just struck me, why not write about it and share it with you guys!

The participants for these workshops were junior level employees, the youngest of the lot. We all know how hard it is to please young blood! They are always short on time and are on the lookout for quick results. So we were expected to do some really good work.

Coming back to our original topic; these participants were participating in various events at the learning week that was organised in their office. Having plenty of team building experience, we were hired for doing the team based learning part for them.

We were doing these one hour team building workshops back to back the whole day. It was exhausting, but trust me guys, it was super fun. We did four different activities for four different batches. The participants had some real fun doing these activities.

Team Building together

Team building is definitely not something that can be taught inside a classroom and not theoretically for sure! People need to experience the feeling of team bonding. Experience what doing things together feels like. Experiential learning, as we call it.

Such small one or two hour workshops can also make a difference. Of course a full day team building workshop will give the best results. But the smaller one’s can help your teams to take a break from their regular work schedule, have some fun and still gain some valuable insights from it. Can there be a better deal?

We at The Yellow Spot have done countless such outbound team building workshops for many of our esteemed clients. We believe in a complete blend of fun and learning. One can only experience the team bond when they enjoy working with the team.

The activities that we did at the learning week were very interesting. People enjoyed doing these activities and more than that they could easily reflect on what they had learned from them. That was truly the best part about it!

You know these team building workshops can only be successful when the facilitator is really good. Making the participants have fun and bringing out learnings in that short a duration is tough! Such workshops can completely go for a toss.

That’s why we ensure we give our clients the best facilitators. This is why our workshops are always very successful. In fact, our trainers and facilitators can always be trusted with this.

I would also like to share with you about what I realised about our i.e. The Yellow Spot’s team during these workshops. I noticed that we were amazing as a team ourselves. We had everything perfectly managed, right from the activity material to the debrief. We were spot on all through.

That is really what matters the most. When you are about to teach someone something, it makes no sense unless you yourself don’t follow it. As they ‘Practice what you preach’. I was really proud of our team. We displayed true team work to the people whom we were going to teach the importance of team work.

So yes, if you are looking at such learning week events or team building workshops for your team, we can help you with such inbound or outbound workshops. We specialise in giving you the perfect blend of fun and learning using various methodologies, customized as per your need.

Visit our website at www.theyellowspot.com and take a look at our gallery for pictures and videos of team buildings workshops we have done so far. You will definitely enjoy it. You can also check other offerings that match your requirements.

For more details you can always write to us on info@theyellowspot.info or call us at +91 9769733305. We will be happy to associate with you.

The Treasure Hunt, the perfect Team Building Activity

Have you ever played Treasure Hunt?? Have you ever thought of the insights that you can get from it?? Yes? Maybe?

Games can actually contribute big time to learning. I realized this because of my niece.  Let me tell you an incident that led me to this discovery.

We all know how today’s kids are addicted to mobile phones, no explanation needed on that! My story goes back about two years, when my niece visited my place. She was around 10 years old back then and every time I noticed her, I saw that she was playing some game on her dad’s mobile phone. Sometimes in between she would pause to ask a question to her parents and then would get back to her game.

After a while, I got irritated with this behaviour and asked my brother (her dad), “why do you allow her to play on the phone all the time? It’s not good.” He asked me to calm down and said, “She is not just playing, she is learning. The game that she is playing is a word puzzle. By the end of the day, she ends up learning new words, their spellings and their meanings. We let her play various such physical and mobile games. These games help her in learning but in a fun way. That generates interest and unknowingly she learns a lot of new things.” That’s when I first understood the real meaning of ‘gamification’.

Learning is important. But what is more important is, the interest we are able to generate while learning. Only when you are interested in learning something, will you remember it for your lifetime and will you benefit from it.

Games are one of the best methods that can be used for learning. Lot of companies today use and want to use games as a methodology in training programmes for bringing out the learning in an experiential form. People enjoy playing games and if you can bring learning out of it, then there’s nothing like it!

There are numerous games that are used in corporate training and in various events and team building games are the most interesting of the lot. One of my favourites is the Treasure Hunt. Your’s too? Yes, in fact it’s everybody’s favourite.

Treasure Hunt in Team Building
Treasure Hunt in Team Building

A lot of organisations and corporate training companies use the Treasure Hunt as a team building activity in their training sessions. The Treasure Hunt activity is really high on energy and is very exciting, just the way a team building activity should be.  It is also great from the learning perspective as it can bring out learning on various fronts of interpersonal communication, collaboration, planning and strategising, time management, etc.

In fact, the Treasure Hunt itself can be a whole team building workshop if it is planned and executed well and most importantly, debriefed well. The whole activity only makes sense if the facilitator can bring out the appropriate learning out of it, learning which not only showcases what happened in the activity but also helps the participants to reflect on and connect back to their workplace. This helps the participants learn along with having fun.

Everybody knows how the Treasure Hunt goes and some may find the same old way of playing it a drab, having played it in the same way a million times! There is this treasure which everyone is after which the facilitator has hidden somewhere and he gives them a number of clues which they have to solve in order to reach it. The first team to reach the treasure is the winner. Right? Nothing really new in the whole activity is there. We all know this is how it is and this is what we are expected to do. Not exciting enough is it?

So you think the game could do with some revamping and made more fun and exciting?

Yes!!! Well we thought the same and have done precisely that!

We at ‘The Yellow Spot’ have come up with a very unusual and interesting way of playing the Treasure Hunt. We have made this activity even more action-packed and thought-provoking. It definitely makes the participants think completely out of their boxes! There are a lot of amazing ideas that are generated, some which even we could never think of! So our Treasure Hunt is a brainer teaser along with having plenty of physical activity. A beautiful mix, I would say!

Curious??? I am sure you must be eager to know, what it is that we do differently. That’s a secret…

We can however make you go through the experience directly. So if you want to know more about the Treasure Hunt or about what we do differently, feel free to connect with us. Besides the Treasure Hunt, we also have several other team building activities up our sleeve that are even more exciting and fun. We will be happy to share them with you.

Treasure Hunt and other Team Building Activities

Do let us know if you are looking out for team building programmes for your team. Meanwhile, for more information on our offerings, you can visit our website at http://www.theyellowspot.com/ or write to us on info@theyellowspot.info

Happy Gaming:)

Appreciating diversity through Team Building Workshops

I read two very interesting theories yesterday which I could connect to our Team Building Workshops. The first one was on the learning cycle and the learning styles that we all have. As per the theory, commonly known as the Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Kolb’s Learning Styles respectively, we all have a typical learning cycle that we tend to follow and should follow for maximum learning. We go through a particular experience, we then like to observe what happened in the experience, reflect on it, draw our conclusions from it and then go ahead and test our conclusions.

So if I was to try to learn a skill at work, say how to handle irate customers how I would do it is:

  1. Experience: I first interact with an irate customer to know what happens in such a case
  1. Observation and Reflection: I recollect what happened in the interaction and try to reflect on various aspects like how the conversation went, what were the words and feelings exchanged, how I reacted or responded to what the customer said, etc.
  1. Conceptualisation: I now start drawing my conclusions as to what I need to do to handle the irate customer well or better like take a deep breath and allow the customer to vent while he is angry instead of defending myself
  1. Testing: I now go and try my conclusions on another irate customer to see if they are correct

The testing phase then gives rise to a new set of experiences and the cycle continues.

David Kolb goes on to say that although we all follow the same learning cycle, yet we all have different learning styles. So while somebody might prefer the observation and reflection part, others might learn more by testing and actually doing things.

The other theory I read was on how all of us use different areas of our brains for performing different functions. So although we all have similar faculties in the brain which can perform similar functions, the use of some come naturally to us whereas others just don’t. So while some of us may use our analytical areas more, others may use their intuitive faculties more. Now those using the analytical areas can also use the intuitive areas with practice, but it may be a strain as it’s not something that come naturally to them.

Another interesting thing that I found in this theory is that we like being around people who use similar brain parts to ourselves and normally become friends with such people. On the other hand, we are naturally attracted to those who use complementary brain parts to ours and choose such people as a mate as they tend to complete us as cover up our so called weaknesses.

So if you look at both theories, they give us great insights into teams. They both tell us that teams being made up of humans always have a common factor in them. They have similar ways of learning as well as similar brain functions. In that sense every team has a common thread running through it.

However, if you go a little deeper you will realise that teams also have diversity. They are made up of different people who differ in the way they like to learn and differ in the way that they make use of their brain functionalities.

Team Building Workshops
Diversity in Teams

So then is the commonality good or is the diversity good for a team? Am sure you all have the answer to this one and you will tell me that it’s really a no brainer! Both are good, the common pieces keep us bonded together as a single unit and the diversity helps us in performing a variety of functions which each team member excels in. Right?

My question to you is that although we all know this and say it, is it really something that we believe and practice? Is it something that really comes from our core? Do we really appreciate diversity?

The fact is that most of us are unfortunately unable to appreciate it although we may try very hard too! Why, because of an innate need to be accepted. Have you ever thought of why we like people who are similar to us? It’s because when someone is similar, it somewhere confirms to us that we are also alright which in turn makes us feel more accepted.

If you look at it the other way also, you will realise that we don’t like things which are different from us. Most of the conflicts in the world occur because of this. So we don’t like people who are of a different religion or from a different country or city. The conflicts that we have in office are also mostly because of different opinions and different personalities.

So is there some way to appreciate these differences then? Join our team building workshops and we will happily show you the way to have a bonded yet diversity appreciating team.

Visit our website http://theyellowspot.com to learn what skills your team members have and how you can leverage them.