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Personality Development Training – a Necessity

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything for you guys. There was something that I observed in a recent assignment of ours that made me realise the importance of personality development training. So I thought I should share it with all of you too.

So in this assignment we had an opportunity to interact with the participants on a one-to-one basis. The participants were all front line people who deal with customers on a regular basis and are hence expected to be well-groomed and very well behaved at their job. After all, the employee is the Brand Ambassador of the organisation and can make or break it’s reputation, right?

What is Personality?

Most people misinterpret personality as just the physical appearance of a person, but that is far from the truth! In fact its the inner personality or should i say inner world of an individual that creates the real impact on other people. Physical appearance is just a part of it all. This inner world influences the way in which a person acts and interacts and that is what their real personality is all about.

That is why the front line or the people in the organisation who directly interact with customers or clients have to be up to the mark. They are the face of the organisation. This makes personality development training essential for them.

Personality development training builds confidence
Personality development builds confidence


Personality Development Training

One can always develop his/her personality by introspecting, reading, noticing others, acquiring more knowledge or by taking formal personality development training.

Personality development training helps a person in practising techniques to look confident. Speaking smartly & dressing in style creates a good impression as it is a normal human tendency to judge a person by his/her looks first. Moreover, looking good makes the person himself feel more confident which in turn will make him look even more confident!

The overall outcomes of personality development training are the benefits that the participants get from it. A proper personality development procedure can make an amazingly positive change in his/her attitude.

Now coming back to my observation during our assignment. Here we interacted with around 12-15 participants on a one-to-one basis. I observed that although some of the participants really knew their job well, there was some serious work that was required to be done on their personality and their confidence levels.

That is when I realised how necessary it was for them to get personality development training on an urgent basis, customer service being such an important part of their job role. Although they had good experience and a lot of knowledge as far as their work was concerned, they had difficulty in sharing their experience with us as they were poor on confidence and communication skills.

What makes up Personality?

Genes, the environment and life experiences till mainly the age of 6 years is what plays a very important role in the formation of your personality. So does that mean that if you have inherited certain not so good traits, have had a bad environment or faced a bad childhood you are doomed? Is there some way by which you can still develop your personality in to a great one?

The truth is that ‘changing’ your personality is a difficult task. But one can always learn, practice and develop it. That is what many great personalities have done in the past and will continue doing. In fact its their ability to learn and consistently strive for the best that makes them great.

So its not just your physical appearance that you have to work on, although that is important to. You have to feel and look confident, talk smart, have a healthy body and adopt good habits. Get aware of the way you think, your attitude and your approach in general to things. As you will eventually become better as a person it will start reflecting in your personality. Then there’s really no looking back from there!

Do you wish to develop your personality and propel yourself to success? Then I suggest you opt for a personality development training for yourself or your employees. You will definitely be able to see the change.

At The Yellow Spot, we conduct Personality Development training that focuses on retraining your inner and outer world. It also helps in increasing  personal and interpersonal effectiveness. This brings about the real change in an individual’s, team’s and organisation’s life.

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The future of Soft Skills Training in Mumbai

Hello everyone. How are you doing? Have been going through some news events lately and i thought it would be best to discuss the future of Soft Skills Training in Mumbai with all of you. So let’s begin…

Did I hear you asking what are Soft Skills? Well let me explain…

A computer or a laptop is made up of two parts, the hardware and the software. The hardware has the CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, etc.  while the software has the operating system along with the programs and applications.

In order for the computer to work, it is essential that the hardware and software work in tandem with each other and communicate well. So while the software sends signals to the hardware and tells it how a command or instruction is to be executed, the hardware executes it. Without either of the two, the computer cannot operate.


Soft Skills Training in Mumbai
Computer parts communicating


Similarly a human being also has two sets of skills. One is hard skills which are the more tangible and quantifiable skills like operating a machine or typing on a computer, while the other are soft skills. Soft skills are the less tangible and less quantifiable skills like imbibing a positive attitude in one’s self, which usually gets noticed in the form of behaviour and actions.

While Organizations regularly equip their employees with hard skills, they increasingly require more and more people with enhanced soft skills and behavioural skills to make better use of their hard skills.

The world is currently moving from an industrial age to an artificial intelligence age. Frankly, the pace at which the change is happening is rapid and unimaginable! I was just reading yesterday that very soon we are going to be replacing humans with robots in almost every sphere. So we won’t need drivers to drive our automated cars, we won’t need maids to clean our robot-friendly houses and most skilled jobs would now be done by robots. Just imagine what’s going to happen in the future!

This means that the hard skills learnt in the past as well as those one is learning in the present may not be useful in the future. These will get obsolete in a very short span of time. In fact by the time you learn a new skill it might just get obsolete and will be replaced by another skill or should i say by a robot displaying that skill!

In such an era, it is very natural to feel lost with the fast pace of the world. As the world gets more and more digitised, the need for learning hard skills is reducing and employees specialising in certain hard skills may soon be obsolete.

The only way to sustain will be to be agile and enhance your soft and behavioral skills to enable you to have the right approach towards this fast changing world. More and more soft skills and interpersonal skills will be required as they will play a key role in managing the self and being able to cope up with the rapid changes around us.

Wondering which soft skills you need to equip yourself with to shield you in the future?

Some of the top required soft skills of the future are Emotional Intelligence, Imbibing Positive Attitude, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Managing Self and Managing Others, Managing Conflicts, Personal and Servant Leadership, Effective Delegation, Assertiveness, Negotiation Skills, Working with diverse people and Leading and Managing Change.

Wondering how? Let’s look at an example. Let’s see how Emotional Intelligence plays a huge role in managing the self as well as in interpersonal relations:

  • At the first level, it helps create self awareness about how one feels and hence throws light on our thought processes also
  • Second level helps an individual understand how he or she behaves as a result of how he or she feels
  • At the third level, the individual learns about how others respond to them based on their behaviours
  • In the fourth level, the individual learns to manage his emotions and thoughts as a result of his emotional awareness
  • At the fifth level, the individual learns to understand others’ emotions and their behaviours and deals with them as well as his own emotions getting generated out of his interpersonal interactions
Soft Skills Training in Mumbai
Emotional Intelligence


Such skills play a very important role in the growth and success of an individual as well as of a team and eventually of an organization. It helps them manage the self, manage others, establish long lasting and meaningful relationships, resolve conflicts, negotiate win-win and grow and lead a rich life.

The current century with its perils and challenges needs an individual to learn and practice Emotional Intelligence to succeed in everything he or she does. Emotional Intelligence can be learned and the learning journey starts with getting awareness, accepting and then taking action. Over a period of time with rigorous practice and awareness an individual can reach the 5th level of Emotional Intelligence.

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