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Personality Development Training – a Necessity

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything for you guys. There was something that I observed in a recent assignment of ours that made me realise the importance of personality development training. So I thought I should share it with all of you too.

So in this assignment we had an opportunity to interact with the participants on a one-to-one basis. The participants were all front line people who deal with customers on a regular basis and are hence expected to be well-groomed and very well behaved at their job. After all, the employee is the Brand Ambassador of the organisation and can make or break it’s reputation, right?

What is Personality?

Most people misinterpret personality as just the physical appearance of a person, but that is far from the truth! In fact its the inner personality or should i say inner world of an individual that creates the real impact on other people. Physical appearance is just a part of it all. This inner world influences the way in which a person acts and interacts and that is what their real personality is all about.

That is why the front line or the people in the organisation who directly interact with customers or clients have to be up to the mark. They are the face of the organisation. This makes personality development training essential for them.

Personality development training builds confidence
Personality development builds confidence


Personality Development Training

One can always develop his/her personality by introspecting, reading, noticing others, acquiring more knowledge or by taking formal personality development training.

Personality development training helps a person in practising techniques to look confident. Speaking smartly & dressing in style creates a good impression as it is a normal human tendency to judge a person by his/her looks first. Moreover, looking good makes the person himself feel more confident which in turn will make him look even more confident!

The overall outcomes of personality development training are the benefits that the participants get from it. A proper personality development procedure can make an amazingly positive change in his/her attitude.

Now coming back to my observation during our assignment. Here we interacted with around 12-15 participants on a one-to-one basis. I observed that although some of the participants really knew their job well, there was some serious work that was required to be done on their personality and their confidence levels.

That is when I realised how necessary it was for them to get personality development training on an urgent basis, customer service being such an important part of their job role. Although they had good experience and a lot of knowledge as far as their work was concerned, they had difficulty in sharing their experience with us as they were poor on confidence and communication skills.

What makes up Personality?

Genes, the environment and life experiences till mainly the age of 6 years is what plays a very important role in the formation of your personality. So does that mean that if you have inherited certain not so good traits, have had a bad environment or faced a bad childhood you are doomed? Is there some way by which you can still develop your personality in to a great one?

The truth is that ‘changing’ your personality is a difficult task. But one can always learn, practice and develop it. That is what many great personalities have done in the past and will continue doing. In fact its their ability to learn and consistently strive for the best that makes them great.

So its not just your physical appearance that you have to work on, although that is important to. You have to feel and look confident, talk smart, have a healthy body and adopt good habits. Get aware of the way you think, your attitude and your approach in general to things. As you will eventually become better as a person it will start reflecting in your personality. Then there’s really no looking back from there!

Do you wish to develop your personality and propel yourself to success? Then I suggest you opt for a personality development training for yourself or your employees. You will definitely be able to see the change.

At The Yellow Spot, we conduct Personality Development training that focuses on retraining your inner and outer world. It also helps in increasing  personal and interpersonal effectiveness. This brings about the real change in an individual’s, team’s and organisation’s life.

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Using Emotional Intelligence Training in daily life

Have you ever been for a Personal Effectiveness or Personality Development Training before? If you go to any good institute, you will realize that a large portion of developing your personality actually boils down to how you handle your emotions, in other words, Emotional Intelligence Training.

For all those of you who keep reading our posts, you will realize that this is one of our favourite topics. Why, because we ourselves have been and are continuously going through the grind of training our own emotions. Yes I used the word training, which goes to say that emotions are not something that we need to suppress or fall prey to. We can actually tune them to ensure that we can make the best use of them and that is exactly what we teach you to do in our Emotional Intelligence Training.

So what are emotions?

Emotional Intelligence Training
Handling our Emotions

Energy in motion, yes, or you can simply take them as your minds way of communicating with you in a language other than words. So it’s like our minds have two ways of communicating with us really. One is through words which go down well with the intellectuals whilst the other is emotions, which go well with, well the emotional guys. Logical wasn’t that! So although we have both forms of communication running through all of us, we understand one of the forms a little better. So while some of us have the capability to develop a great IQ, that’s the intellectual guys, the rest of us can have the best EQ. So there’s really something for all of us to look forward toJ

So I fall into the emotional category as most of you would be knowing and like most of you, have always been asked to suppress the emotional bag that I carry around as nobody wants to see a cry baby! Sounds familiar? Am sure it does. However I now realize that suppression is most definitely not the way to go about it and the emotions we push under the carpet don’t get lost in oblivion but actually come out at rather distressing times and with double the force when you really don’t need them. That sounds familiar too, am pretty sure it does!

So what’s the way out, or should I ask is there any way out? Yes all my emotional friends there is and if you can master that way, your emotions will soon turn into your friend rather than an embarrassing foe! They will in fact tell you things about yourself that are stored deep into your subconscious that you would probably never have decoded through logical thinking. That in turn will give you the power to change, to change even all those things that you struggled at changing about yourself and were just not able to.

I sound like I’ve just come out from a fairytale, haven’t I! So let me make it sound a little more real by giving you an example.

So this was yesterday’s scene. I woke up in the morning and started thinking about all the things I had to do that day. I had a Doctor’s appointment in the afternoon and before that I had to check on my Boss’ cat as he was away on holiday on the cat was not used to being alone.  I calculated that overall that was going to take up around 4 hours of my time. On top of that we were going to start some carpentry and painting work in my house, I was overhauling our entire Knowledge Management system and I also had to get our database in place before the end of the month before our software expired. So I had a lot to do and as usual the more I thought about it the more I landed up getting stressed about how I would manage everything. I could just see myself going ballistic and getting frantic.

So what did I do to keep my emotions in place? Nothing. I just got in touch with them. No I havn’t completely lost my mind as you would think I have! That is the trick I’m talking about. You just have to stop what you are doing and allow yourself to feel your emotions rather than running away from them. So I ensured I did not carry my laptop to my Boss’ place. I could have easily sat there and completed some work but I realized that would have been escapism in that moment. So I went there and just sat with the stress I was feeling. I allowed myself to completely immerse in it, although frankly it felt horrible. Guess what, I came out of the stress pretty soon. I was up and about all ready to get back to completing the tasks I had. How, just by paying attention to my emotions and hearing what they had to say. The emotions told me how taking stress had become a habit and how I tend to fall into the stress cycle as soon as the number of tasks I have to complete increase. They also made me realize that I had no external pressure in this case but was unnecessarily putting pressure on myself, something which I have always done and something that was directly coming from my subconscious. This awareness actually gave me the power to recognize what was happening in me, stop and pay attention to it and then move on with renewed energy without suppressing the emotion. What was the result, I was relaxed and could do the assigned tasks without having my emotions running up and down. Now isn’t that great?

Want to learn how to do that? Come join our Personality Development Training and Emotional Intelligence Training sessions and we will show you how.

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