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Is Email Etiquette Training Important?

What’s your take on Email Etiquette training? Do you think it’s important? How about me giving you some insights on it and then you can tell me whether you feel its important or not. Alright?

Written Communication

Some of us prefer using written communication over having a face to face or a telephonic conversation with a person. All my introvert friends, am I right? Well I’m pretty much the same so I can totally relate! However, what we don’t realise is that often we need to follow up on our written communication with either a phone call or a personal visit. Why, because written communication is not that easy. It is actually more difficult than the other forms of communication and can often lead to incomplete communication which later needs to be completed.

However, written communication is a more formal form of communication and is hence being used so widely in organisations nowadays. It provides a solid proof of what has been communicated which is good for us most of the time but can make our lives difficult when we land up making mistakes in our emails. So while oral communication may allow you to make a few mistakes here and there which you can cover up later, mistakes in written communication can create grave problems.

E-Mail Writing

The Email is one form of written communication that is used on a regular basis in businesses across various levels. Almost all the communication within and outside the organisation is conveyed over emails. Emails provide a quick way of transmitting information across the levels in the organisation and also between various organisations.

Keeping in mind the significance and extent of Email usage in business transactions nowadays, Email Etiquette has emerged as one of the skills that every employee needs to develop. It is for this reason that the need for Email etiquette training is on an all time high and is growing in leaps and bounds.

Poorly written emails, emails with mistakes or emails lacking professionalism can give a bad impression to the recipient about you and your organisation. One can also get into big problems because of emails being misinterpreted!

Need for Email Etiquette training
The emerging need for Email Etiquette Training
E-Mail Examples:

Let me give you an example of a bad Email to make my point clearer:

Hi Ms. ABC,

We are the No. 1 Corporate training company in Mumbai.  And we are looking for some sales people in our organisation. Send us your resume and you will get back to you sometime soon.


Would you ever choose to work for such an organisation? I assume not! This email definitely sounds rude and is completely unprofessional.

Now, let me give you an example of how this email should have been written, i.e. a good email:

Dear Ms. ABC,

Greetings from PQR!

I represent PQR, a Corporate Training Company based out of Mumbai. We are currently looking for Sales Professionals who can help us strengthen our Business Development efforts and reach out to a larger audience.  

We came across your resume on RST and found your profile suitable for the same.

In case you would want to take up this opportunity, we request you to come down to our office on 25th July, 2017 at 11am for a initial round of discussion with our Head HR, Mr. EFG.

Please make a note our office address: _________________________________

Feel free to revert back with any queries.

Warm Regards,


What do you think of this Email? Liked it? That is what creates the difference. The second Email is more polite, professional and complete. It has clearly been written with the recipient in mind and has tried to answer all the questions that the recipient may ask to avoid emails being sent to and fro.

Did  you know that a single email is enough to create an impression on its recipient? Therefore one has to be very careful about the content and formatting of the email. There are various things that have to be kept in mind while writing an email like the words being used, the length of the email, people marked in the mail, email forwarding, levels of professionalism, attachments, the subject line and many other things.

Sound complex? Well it’s not actually, provided you undergo a good Email Etiquette Training!

So coming back to my question, is Email Etiquette Training important? Am sure this article would have given you a good enough perspective for you to easily answer that question now!

Just like other forms of Business Etiquette Training, Email Etiquette Training has also become mandatory in the corporate world. If you feel that you need assistance in getting a better hold on writing great Emails, then now is the right time. Please request your organisation to train you on email writing right away, for this is on of those stepping stones that could take you ahead or could keep you from growing.

Companies have started realizing the important of training their employees on Email etiquette and are also investing big time in it just like they do for other forms of business etiquette training.

We at The Yellow Spot realise this growing need and provide Email Etiquette Training to our clients. Our Email etiquette training helps people in developing their email writing skills to a great extent and covers a large number of aspects, some of which we exhibited in the examples and discussion above.

If you are looking at training your people on email writing, do visit our website at to know more about us and our offerings. Feel free to connect with us for any Corporate Training and Consulting related queries. See you soon:)


Beyond ‘good’ Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai

Hello again, hope you’ll are doing really well:) Just thought I’d pop in and tell you something interesting that I realized the other day. Something that will help you in identifying which corporate training institutes in Mumbai really are different and can help you and your employees reach a whole ‘other’ level.

Sounds exciting? Well then, let’s go!

As you all know, we are currently in the midst of a huge change. I know GST is currently what change means to us, but I am talking about some other change, our change. Yes, The Yellow Spot’s change. We are changing and are changing really fast. Our logo, look and feel. We have some new members added on our team and with the renewed energy, we thought it was finally time to get a complete makeover!

Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai
Our Makeover

Now don’t start jumping to conclusions and getting all anxious! Our old values, standards, service, all still hold true. Yes they do! Those are our foundation blocks and we will never go back on them:) So we will offer you the same reliability, transparency, creativity (although that’s increased with some of the new members!), quality and integrity. So what’s the change? We are bigger and better than before!

So coming back to my realisation. We were all sitting and discussing whether we wanted to change our values after the new energy coming in. We realized that we didn’t want to change them, but felt like something was missing.  These values were great, but they somewhere only provided a very heady feel of what we are and what we represent, if you know what I mean! The heart element that we all so strongly believe in was missing. They were what we would unanimously agree on, but something needed to be added and we were yet to identify the underlying current that would make these values all the more strong.

Since we had paucity of time that evening, we decided to park the values piece and relook at it a little later. The next day morning, I was pleasantly woken up by a Whatsapp video one of my colleagues had sent us. Off late, I haven’t been very regular when it comes to viewing Whatsapp videos. However, I felt a strong desire to take a look at this one and so I went ahead.

It was an Oprah Winfrey video where she spoke about what her mother had once told her. It was focused on ‘Touching Lives.’ The minute I heard that term, I knew that was it. I knew this was the missing term, the missing value. This was exactly what I felt I wanted to do being a part of a corporate training institute in Mumbai. I wanted to touch the lives of all our participants, client representatives, the hotel staff who look after us where we conduct the sessions, the drivers who take us to the sessions, the IT people who help us in the set up of equipment, and every person that we touched directly or indirectly through our various means of communication. Not to forget our entire team whose lives we touch everyday!

Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai
Touching Lives

Oprah said that material things are good, but they are not the ones that are going to make us happy at the end of the day.  No matter how many cars, houses, clothes, shoes and other material possessions we have at the end of the day; if our relationships are not good it is all useless. Such objects can make us happy momentarily but they certainly do not have the potential to keep us happy in the long run.

I couldn’t agree less with her. Remember the last time you bought a new pair of shoes that you had been dying to buy? How long did the shoes make you really happy? One month? Less?

Think about it. All we all really want is for people to understand us and love us. Love is all that our heart’s truly desire. Am sure you can connect back to the feeling that you carried when you first fell in love with a cute girl or boy in your school or college. Amazing wasn’t it! Don’t you wish it could have lasted forever?

To tell you the truth, that feeling can last forever. Yes, it doesn’t have to end. How? In two ways, which actually feed in to each other!

  1. One is by touching other people’s lives and bringing happiness to them. This opens up our hearts and helps us get in touch with the love that we carry inside us. So expressing love actually helps us feel the love that is present inside us in such abundance.
  2. The other way is by directly getting in touch with our inner core, the source of love and permanent happiness. How? You’ll have to give us a chance to first touch your life and ignite that spark inside and then help you get in touch with it directly!

So are you ready to join us on this journey? A journey where we get together, spread happiness and make this world a happier place. A journey where we touch lives and help people fall in love with themselves.

If you are then please connect with us. You can visit our website and join us in our endeavour.

P.S. I messaged my colleague and told him how I loved the video. Before I could actually told him that I see ‘Touching Lives’ as the missing link, I received a message from him saying the same! The best part about it was that it also resonated with the entire group. We all felt the same and knew that this was a value which we had been looking for!

If you ask me, this is what sets us apart from other Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai. This is what you need to look for when you look for corporate training institutes in Mumbai. Not just a head, a good heart too!

Worried About Finding a Quality Corporate Trainer?

Hello Peeps!! I hope you guys remember one of my previous articles, where we discussed how soft skills training is not undervalued any more. We also discussed that for a training to be effective, it is important that the corporate trainer that we have chose, is himself or herself effective. Only then can you expect a quality programme.

We all know that there are so many corporate trainers out there already and lot more aspiring ones too. So there are many options and frankly too many options can create a lot of confusion!

For example, assume that you are a company who is looking forward to some training for your team. You have decided on a particular topic. Now, there are so many questions that will come to your mind. Like,  ‘Where do I look for the appropriate trainer?’ ‘Will he be able to deliver my requirements and achieve the objectives that I have thought of?’ ‘Is this trainer reliable?’ ‘Will he be able to deliver a quality programme?’ ‘Will he be able to connect to the participants’ ‘Will i get a good return on my investment out of the training’ and many more.

Confusion in selecting a Corporate Trainer


Now, how and where do you find solutions to these questions?

The solution to all of these questions is a good and reliable Corporate Training Company. Why so?

Good corporate training companies have a huge trainer database. When a client approaches these companies for a particular intervention, they filter out the best and most appropriate trainer profiles from their database and presents to its client.

Say for example, you are looking for a corporate trainer for a particular workshop that is to be conducted in your organisation. You don’t have to go through hundreds of profiles from various portals and websites to find the best one. Instead, you can simply ask a corporate training company to send you some of the most suitable trainers’ profiles for that particular assignment and choose the best one.

Simple, isn’t it? It saves your time and loads of effort! It also helps you ensure that you get the most appropriate corporate trainer who has the experience and capability of delivering quality interventions.

So, why not go for this option?

Quality assured corporate trainers
Quality Assured Trainers

We at ‘The Yellow Spot’ have more than a 100 trainers empanelled with us across the country and keep adding more! All of these are shortlisted on the basis of their profiles, training videos and personal meetings to ensure the best quality is offered to our clients.

So whether you are looking for a trainer for a basic Communication Skills workshop for entry level participants or a Coach for a CEO, we can definitely provide you the best quality trainer, coach or consultant. In fact if you have a niche requirement or need a trainer from a specific industry only, we will be happy to go out and find such a trainer for you.  Our internal team has expertise in recruitment also and can definitely help you out on the same!

In fact it was last week only that we got such a weird requirement, if I may call it so! The client told us about his requirement, but was frankly not sure of what he really wanted. All he knew was he wanted some very generic topics like motivation, etc. to be covered, for a very large batch of blue-collared staff, in a specific South Indian language only and that too alone. He was not even sure about the duration of the session that he wanted or was needed.

So we were left trying to find a corporate trainer who was comfortable training in this ‘rare’ training language, one who was comfortable handling a large audience alone, a corporate trainer who had experience in training the workforce specifically, one who was good at giving motivational speeches and of course one who was good at figuring out what the client wants when he is confused! Phew! That was a tough one, but we were successfully able to did it:)

As always, we at The Yellow Spot make sure that we provide you the best workshops with the best and the most effective corporate trainers. Visit our website at  and take a look at the workshops that we offer and feel free to connect with us to find the best people who can deliver them.


Soft skills Training, No More Undervalued

Do you think soft skills training is undervalued even today? It is considered by default that technical skills or hard skills are of great significance in executing or performing any job. I completely agree! But, do you think just knowing ‘how to do the task?’  can help you perform the task effectively?

Well, If you ask me, I don’t think so. According to me, what plays a major role in performing a task effectively are the ‘soft skills’.

I have always read that soft skills training is somehow undervalued in organisations. This was true initially, when technical training was always preferred over soft skills training. Organisations back then had a mind-set, that it was important for an employee to simply get the job done without paying attention to how the job was being done. Other factors like punctuality, taking initiative, team work or the right attitude, were taken for granted and it was expected that these things would be understood by the employees.

But times have changed. Most of the organisations today, have identified the need for soft skills and are looking at soft skills training for their people. Why, because they have now realized that soft skills training plays a very important role in developing and growing their business.

As an individual moves up the corporate ladder, his or her technical skills don’t matter as much. What matters is his /her behavior in the organisation and ability to manage people. If an employee technically fits in an organisation but behaviourally doesn’t, it can get rather complicated for both parties!

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are personal and interpersonal attributes that are necessary for an individual to interact with others effectively. They are crucial for being successful personally and professionally. Some of the soft skills are personal effectiveness, communication skills, time management, stress management, business etiquette, etc.

Achieve goals using soft skills training
Achieve goals using soft skills

Let me give you an example of how soft skills can make a difference. We all had at least one favourite teacher during our school times whose class we really enjoyed, right? We also had at least one teacher whom we did not like. Why was this, because we could connect with one and not with the other one. If both were equally knowledgeable, what do you think was the difference? Why was it that we liked the one we could connect with and disliked the other one?

Let’s take another example. If you had to choose a doctor for yourself, whom would you prefer? A doctor who is patient with you and listens to all your problems and takes time to answer your questions or a doctor who will only treat you like one of the many patients who are waiting in a long queue at his clinic? Am sure you will choose the former.

So what do you think makes the difference?

Yes! You are right, soft skills. Knowledge and technical skills bring a host of opportunities, but its the soft skills that help you in unlocking these opportunities and achieving your goals by having the right attitude.

People with a positive attitude tend to have better interpersonal relations, making them good team members and even better leaders!

Soft skills training doesn’t just help in developing the required skills. It also helps in understanding the importance of these skills and how they can help an individual in getting better and being successful.

An important aspect of soft skills training is the trainer. There are a lot of soft skills trainers that are available in the market which makes finding a good trainer all the more important. After all, the trainer is going to be working on your mind for which you undoubtedly need to ensure that he/she is reliable. A good trainer should be one who experiments on himself and practises what he preaches. He should be able to facilitate learning and encourage participants to learn from themselves and from their fellow participants. Therefore a trainer with the right attitude and one who can create a safe learning environment is essential.

Are you looking for such effective and motivating soft skills trainers who can encourage your team and train them on soft skills in the best way possible? If you are, then we can help you.

We at The Yellow Spot, provide you the best workshops on various soft skills with the best and most effective trainers, with whom you will enjoy learning. Take a look at our list of offerings, specifically in the soft skills training on our website. Visit us on connect with us anytime.

The Best Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai

Being one of the best Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai, the most common question our business development team is asked is, “What does your training company specialize in?” I couldn’t agree less with all our Clients! There are dozen’s of Corporate Training Companies in India which provide the entire gamut of soft skills training and choosing one from so many can be a really tough task. Understanding which domain each company specialises in, what the consultant’s core strength is and whether that core strength is something that the client organisation requires is absolutely essential. Training companies really need to answer the question that pops up in every client’s mind, ‘Does this company specialize in what I am looking for?.’

In today’s article, I shall answer this very question by telling you a bit about what ‘The Yellow Spot’ offers and what we specialize in. So let’s get going..

‘The Yellow Spot’ offerings are categorically divided into four clusters as seen in the figure below:

Corporate training companies in Mumbai
The Four Clusters of our Offerings

Now, each of these clusters is an umbrella under which we have a host of related workshops.

So let’s have a look at each of the four clusters in a little morer detail.

Cluster 1: Personal Effectiveness

Corporate training companies in Mumbai for personal effectiveness
Improving Personal Effectiveness


  • Personal development is the first and the most important step to success and in fact determines an individual’s success in all other domains
  • Hence for personal development we have an entirely different cluster, our Personal Effectiveness Cluster
  • This cluster consists of workshops that are helpful for an individual’s personal efficacy and helps the individual become strong on all fronts so that he can be more effective while working in teams and as a part of the organisation on the whole
  • Some of the workshops that come under this particular cluster are Personality Development, Communication Skills, Stress Management, Time Management, etc.

Cluster 2: Team Effectiveness

Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai for Team effectiveness
An Effective Team


  • When people have to work together, it is important for them to come together as a team and work effectively
  • Once one has developed himself or herself on the personal effectiveness front, the next step is to be a team player and contribute effectively to the team
  • The Team Effectiveness cluster consists of workshops that help in building effective and efficient teams
  • Some of the workshops that come under this umbrella are Interpersonal Communication Skills, Team Building and Team Bonding, Conflict Management, etc.

Cluster 3: Competency Based Effectiveness

Corporate training companies in mumbai for competency based effectiveness
Developing Competencies


  • For an individual to grow and climb up the career ladder, it is very important to be competent and proficient
  • Our Competency Based Effectiveness cluster consists of workshops that help in developing various  competencies
  • Some of the workshops that come under this cluster are  Lateral Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Sales Effectiveness, Interviewing Skills, etc.

Cluster 4: Organisational Effectiveness

corporate training companies in Mumbai for organisational effectiveness
A Growing Organisation


  • Organisational Effectiveness is about how effectively the organisation is achieving its goals
  • For achieving these goals the organisation needs to keep developing itself and adapting to the rapidly changing  environment
  • Hence our Organisation Effectiveness cluster helps organisations bring in the required development and change through various Organisational Development interventions, Assessment Centres/Development Centres, Coaching, etc.

As you can see, these four clusters cover just about anything that an individual, team or organisation requires or can require! If you would like to know more about the workshops that come under each of these clusters you can visit the various pages under our ‘service offerings tab’ on our website. Here’s a link to get you started

So when it comes to corporate training companies in Mumbai, we are pretty much a ‘One-Stop-Shop’. You name it and we have it! So whether you are looking at personal development for individuals, team development or something to help your organisation move forward, we have it all.

Now coming to what ‘The Yellow Spot’ specialises in amongst these four clusters, its currently the first two clusters i.e. Personal effectiveness and the Team effectiveness. We have a buffet of offerings in personal and team effectiveness which are really effective and can help individuals and their teams develop and to go to the next level.

Now does that mean we lack experience in the competency based effectiveness and organisational effectiveness clusters? No, it doesn’t! Its just that we get more opportunities in the first two clusters as there is a larger audience for them. Competency Based and Organisational effectiveness workshops are typically more in demand for people who are higher up in the corporate rungs. So do we have the ability to deliver good workshops and interventions in the Competency and Organisational Effectiveness clusters? Yes, we most definitely do and we have some very experienced consultants with us who can successfully do them.

So if you are searching for Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai or in fact anywhere else in India also (I forgot to mention another one of our specialities, our PAN India Presence!), you can visit  our website at to help us understand how we can help you.


Looking at Corporate Training Companies In Hyderabad

It is a common practice nowadays, to either hire a corporate training company or assign somebody internally to train the workforce of an organization. If the organization is looking at partnering with a corporate training company, then one having a local presence is the best bet. This helps save travelling and lodging costs and also gives a local flavor that goes down well with trainees. Finding reliable Corporate Training Companies in Hyderabad for this very purpose can be a difficult task and hence we are here to help you on the same.

There are various needs of an organization which corporate training companies can cater to:

  1. Well, to start with, it is a well-established fact that an employee with better interpersonal skills finds it easier to survive and grow in any organization. In fact, given the tough competitive scenario that every organization faces in this century, any new joinee or fresher in an organization without good interpersonal skills finds it difficult to interact with his/her seniors, peers, vendors and clients. In the bargain he gets frustrated and leaves the organization, only to find the same scenario everywhere he goes!

Recruiters often fall into the ‘the best candidates are those that have the best educational qualification and experience’ trap. They feel that hiring such ‘best candidates’ ensures that the organisation can save on money and time that it would have spent on their training. However, much to their dismay, the results are quite contrary. Such candidates may excel in their technical skills but often lack soft and behavioural skills. They know what to do and how to do it, but are at a loss when it comes to be able to handle the very people who will help them do it. They lack the emotional intelligence to cope with different scenarios and are unable to handle their own emotional reactions as well as those of others.

2. Another important aspect that an organisation can look up to a good corporate training company for, is in training their employees in customer-orientation. We all know how competitive the market is and how the customer has to be pleased at every step to get the upper hand. In fact it has now become imperative for any organisation to ensure that it adapts to the changes in customer expectation as fast as possible to achieve not just customer satisfaction but move to customer delight.

The people working for an organisation are it’s bloodline. Their interactions with the client at every level help the customer form a notion about the organisation and the kind of service it provides. Apart from looking at customers outside the organisation, how people treat each other inside the organisation is also equally important and it reflects on the outer dealings with clients. Hence working on internal and external customer service is crucial for every organisation.

3. Am sure there is really no need to explain why sales effectiveness is important! If we cannot sell our products and services in the market, the organisation will find it difficult to survive and will eventually cease to exist even if it had its operations in place!

4. Other than these, organizations are consistently faced with the need to change and renew themselves to stay relevant in the market. No longer can organisations shy away from change and if they want to succeed then they have to ‘Change for Success’. Change in products, change in processes, change in strategy and change in anything and everything that can take them to success. However, implementing change can be a daunting task as change often creates ambiguity and uncertainty with people in the organisation having to break out of their old habits and adapting to the change. This often brings about a resistance to change which needs to be taken care of by any organisation well in advance, so that the adaptation to the change is smooth and does not come as a shock to its people.

Corporate training companies in Hyderabad
Changing the Old to Adapt to the New

Organizations can assign this ‘change work’ internally to those who they feel can handle the implementation of such changes well or can hire a Corporate Training Company for the same. Such companies help the employees in managing their emotions so that they can adapt to the required changes without causing the disruption that they may have otherwise. In fact they not only help the employees accept the change, they also assist in making employees look up to the change.

Being a center for many industries, Hyderabad has many organizations looking out for corporate training companies in Hyderabad like us, who have extensive experience in helping organizations develop and grow to the next level. If you are one such organisation and are looking out for corporate training companies in Hyderabad, you can definitely connect with us any time, we’ll be happy to help! Do remember to visit our website to find out more about how we can help you.


Facts about Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai

I am back with my discussion on Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai.

If you remember, we were looking at areas that these companies need to look at to take them to the next level.

So let’s continue with the points:

  1. The next step for a top corporate training company would be to check the outcomes that the client wants from the program. We must also assess whether this outcome can be accomplished in the timeline provided by the client and whether it needs more inputs before, during and /or after the program.

Here one needs to be able to identify the existing gap properly, whether it is a skills, knowledge or an attitude gap. Attitude gaps usually takes the longest to fill over skills and knowledge gaps. Coaching and counselling are usually the best way to go about with them.

Take a note of what I’m going to tell you now carefully as here is where most of the corporate training institutes in Mumbai as well as solo trainers often falter. Very often in the fear of loosing the business we give in to the client’s demands. We land up promising to deliver objectives that are not possible in the given time and/or in the methodology the client approves. This eventually leads to unsuccessful training interventions.

Most successful training programs are well assessed, delivered objectively using instructional design techniques and are followed up well post the delivery. However the ground reality is that due to paucity of time, funds and pressure from business; very often clients wants everything to be delivered in one go. They lack the resources to spread the intervention across a longer duration and more often than not do not even give enough time given to the pre and post program work. The results in poor programs which either do not create the expected change or create a very short term impact with low learner retention.

To tackle this problem, my suggestion is to follow a middle approach. A consultant can suggest what is good or ideal and look at the training not as a one day event but as an intervention. He can openly suggest his or her findings as well as accept the clients challenges, clearly sharing what outcome is possible in the time allotted. A good training intervention is always a joint effort and not one person’s responsibility. Thus if the consultant joins hands with the client in fulfilling the objectives; the outcome is better, there are no false expectations set and the consultant can go ahead doing his best in whatever opportunity he has been given without taking the entire burden on himself.

Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai
Joining Hands with the Client

4. Most training programs and interventions land up being person dependent and largely dependent on the knowledge and skills of the trainer and his interpretation of the organisational issue at hand. This typically results in a trainer being able to only partly solve the issue at hand due to his limited knowledge and experience as an individual, leading to very few training programs being successful in creating the desired change in individuals and organisations.

This is where corporate training companies that have diverse trainers and consultants have an upper hand. If these trainers can all lend their expertise to the training intervention, then it becomes more holistic in nature and can successfully solve the issue at hand.

  1. Most of the theories and concepts that are used during delivery are picked up from the west and are well accepted and applied blindly without much doubt. Some of these concepts come with good research and backing while many of them are just eastern philosophies which are repackaged and sold back to the east in a flashy costlier form!

Trainers and training companies need to ensure they use concepts that actually tackle the organisational issue and not just offer good sounding concepts that may result in not meeting the objectives.

Am sure I have given you enough food for thought right now and am hoping it will help in making your training interventions more successful. Once Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai start looking at interventions holistically and truly look at partnering with their client stakeholders at every front there’s no stopping them. If they can have a consultative approach towards their interventions and also have a long term approach over a short term one, they can definitely look at being one of the top Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai.

Have something you would want to discuss to help you take your training interventions to the next level? You can definitely contact us by visiting our website

Facts about Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai

There are many Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai. Some are large and have a large sales force and in-house training delivery team, while others are individual trainers who operate from their homes, what we call one man armies!  There are also many aspiring trainers in the market, some of whom have elementary knowledge and no formal experience. All three are constantly competing with each other to grab their share of the training pie.

Apart from these three categories, their is a fourth category that we most certainly cannot leave out. It’s the training managers, learning officers and process trainers that form the in-house functional and behavioural trainers teams who conduct programs for their respective organisations.

Each of these categories have their own specialities, strengths, lacunas and challenges that they face while trying to accomplish the required outcomes.

Although the training industry in India is a multi billion rupee industry, yet it is rather unregulated and there are no set standards that everyone follows. On one hand this leaves room for a lot of creativity at work, while on the other it gives rise to glaring gaps in the quality of training delivered.

If training is to be successful in fulfilling the required outcomes, it has to follow some standardised methods and processes. Let’s have a look at some of these:

  1. The first and foremost area to explore is whether training is the solution to the issue being faced. I know you are surprised to read this as my first point but I think it the first question that needs to be asked!

On many occasions I see leaders looking at training as a solution to everything. However they forget that the issue might be due to other reasons and training might just provide a temporary solution. Training employees cannot solve all your system, process and leadership issues.

2. Now if we have identified that it is a training issue then we need to identify exactly where the training is required. Very often leaders think that if they train their employees then everything will change. They however often forget that change has to be driven top-down. It’s first the leaders that need to change and this wave of change needs to then percolate to the rest of the organisation. We sometimes forget that actions are louder than words and if we change first the rest of our team will automatically follow.

So the question is that what can help us decide whether the issue at hand is a training issue or not and if it is one, then how do we make a program that is effective enough to produce the desired change in the organisation?

My experience of having trained for the past 11 years tells me that to decide if this is a behavioral training need is possible only when you do a thorough Training needs analysis and identification. This means you need to talk to various different people in the organization to get an idea of the situation and the need in its totality and understand the commonalities as well as the outliers. Trainers need to learn to probe neutrally to avoid bringing in personal biases and that is where i find Edgar Schein’s human process consulting techniques very helpful.

Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai
Exchanging ideas with the Client

These techniques help us in identifying the common factors and also the not so common ones! Once these factors are identified, we can then present the findings to the concerned stakeholders, the top executives to be ideally involved in the process.

By effective probing we can successfully make them share what they think about the same and then help them zero in on developmental areas, some of which they need to work upon internally and some which can be addressed by hard skills or soft skills training.

Hmmm…Got you thinking? Well I’m going to leave you with these thoughts right now and will catch up with you soon to share some more thoughts on what can take Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai to the next level. In the meantime I’d love to hear your views on the same. Do get in touch with us by visiting our website See you soon:)

Top 10 Corporate Training Companies in India

Last night we had a very interesting discussion. It was on, you guessed it, why are we one of the top 10 corporate training companies in India.

It all started with a session that was being conducted by us for one of our clients. It was on my all time favourite topic, Emotional Intelligence. This session was being held in a different format as it was a senior audience we were catering to and felt that we wanted to give them something that goes down a lot deeper. We didn’t want to make it a session typically run by corporate training companies in Mumbai or as a matter of fact corporate training companies in India. We wanted to do something different, something that would rattle the very core of every participant and make him or her think whether they were really doing justice to the emotions that keep bubbling up inside them.

I find it astonishing that pretty much all of us are at such a loss when it comes to dealing with our emotions. It doesn’t matter what position you are at in your organisation, what qualification you have or how much money you have in your bank account. When it comes to emotions, even the most intelligent of us (needless to say that the more intelligent you are the greater your loss in this department) fail miserably!

I too have been part of this clan all my life. In fact it’s only of late that I got some respite from being such an integral part of it. I was always the emotional fool who just had too much of sentiment and emotion. The worst part was that it would always come out at the wrong times and I really didn’t know how to control it.

Emotional Child
Emotional Child

As I kid I had realized that the only way to keep it under check was to keep it suppressed. Sounds familiar? That’s the strategy that we have all been using, isn’t it? It was only when I got introduced to Mindfulness that I realised that I was doing the exact opposite of what I should be doing!

Like the rest of my emotional brothers and sisters, I too ran to some top training institutes in India as well as some corporate trainers in Mumbai to find my answer. However I always came back with a void, with a question still answered. It always felt like there was something more which everybody was missing out. I had tried out so many of the things they had recommended but all of them had a very short term impact. None of them had the permanency that I was looking for.

This desperate desire and relentless effort finally led me to the answer that I had been searching for all my life. In fact this long drawn search is the very reason that sets us apart from many other training and consulting companies in India.

The difference comes from the experiences you go through life and how you deal with the pain that comes along with them. It made us search until we found something that really worked for us and in the bargain go through a range of techniques that are currently in the training market. It eventually landed us with something that had the power to transform our entire being and connect us to the superpower that we were. That something, that had the power to give us back the power that we have given off to our minds and allowed it to rule over us and make us miserable. That something, that took us deep and allowed us to connect with and understand all those around us. So what made the difference? Having lived through the grilling experiences of life, learning from them and then standing up strong to be able to help not only ourselves but also all those around us.

So now you know our secret of being one of the top 10 corporate training companies in India. We are truly the horses and what you hear from us is coming directly from the horse’s mouth!

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Making Corporate Training Successful

The Corporate Training Business has started booming in the country since 1991 and has reached new heights in the past decade. Not only have new international companies entered the market, the local ones have also strengthened their hold and offerings and new ones are cropping up regularly.

Apart from needing prior experience, there are no barriers faced as such when entering into this business.

While many players have entered the business, sustenance and growth only happen of those who add value to the client and fulfil their needs.

Corporate training companies in India have not restricted themselves to offering only training programs.

At The Yellow Spot, we also started as a corporate training company in Mumbai offering Soft and Behavioural skills training programs across the country and have gradually spread our wings across the country using a blended approach of offerings.

Corporate Training
Corporate Training using the Experiential Learning Approach

We recruited trainers at strategic locations and also empanelled them at other locations. This helped create a robust team across 50 locations across the country.Later we decided to move into the Organization Development, E-learning, Content Design and Development, Leadership Development, Coaching and the Mentoring space.

This opened up various avenues for us as well as helped expand the services we could offer our clients.

Many training companies have also created and specialised in their own products, creating a niche market for themselves. They have also started marketing some products and services offered by international players who were looking at strategic partnerships in the country.

For the client however the single question prevails as to how these offerings will suffice their needs and benefit their employees.

The answer is simple. Whether a soft skills training company, a hard skills training company, an e-learning company or a leadership development company, one has to do thorough diagnostic of the client environment. One has to dig deep into the people and place to know what is prevailing. Unless you know the current environment you cannot build a bridge for the better. Another important point to consider is that the current environment in the organization has to be understood neutrally keeping the Consultants biases aside.

The second step is to co-create a learning road map along with the client.  Unless the client is fully involved, a fruitful intervention cannot be designed. That’s where most of the training companies in India or corporate training companies in Mumbai, corporate training companies in Pune, training companies in Delhi, corporate training companies in Chennai, corporate training companies in Bangalore, corporate training companies in Kolkata, etc.  miss out.

The temptation of suggesting the pill before finding the root cause of the problem can be very strong and it can actually lead the intervention to go astray. The trap is at times also created by the client assuming the consultant to be the expert and the consultant offering himself as the expert.

The fact is that most of the programs that are not co created usually don’t meet their expectations.

Another very important aspect is sustenance of the learning. This again is a co supported requirement. The post intervention aspect is very strongly required and the most neglected at times. Most learning interventions don’t yield results because they are looked at as one time interventions and not much effort is made to sustain the learning. Regular learning circles, follow ups, refreshers, action plans, transfer climate, projects and length of interventions actually help in sustaining the learning environment and eventually making the intervention a success.

If a corporate training company focuses on these elements then success is bound to be theirs. This also then raises the question that can they learn to refuse when they feel the requirements of conducting a successful  learning intervention are not being met by the client?

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