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Capsule Team Building Workshops as a part of an Event

Hello Peeps!!! I know it’s been a really long time. We have been a little busy with some interesting work recently. Last week we did some team building workshops for a client which I’d love to tell you about.

I know you guys must be thinking “What’s so interesting about a team building workshop?”. But let me tell you, these workshops that we did for this client were not like the ordinary one and two day team building workshops that we generally do. These were small one hour workshops, which were a part of a big learning week event. So it just struck me, why not write about it and share it with you guys!

The participants for these workshops were junior level employees, the youngest of the lot. We all know how hard it is to please young blood! They are always short on time and are on the lookout for quick results. So we were expected to do some really good work.

Coming back to our original topic; these participants were participating in various events at the learning week that was organised in their office. Having plenty of team building experience, we were hired for doing the team based learning part for them.

We were doing these one hour team building workshops back to back the whole day. It was exhausting, but trust me guys, it was super fun. We did four different activities for four different batches. The participants had some real fun doing these activities.

Team Building together

Team building is definitely not something that can be taught inside a classroom and not theoretically for sure! People need to experience the feeling of team bonding. Experience what doing things together feels like. Experiential learning, as we call it.

Such small one or two hour workshops can also make a difference. Of course a full day team building workshop will give the best results. But the smaller one’s can help your teams to take a break from their regular work schedule, have some fun and still gain some valuable insights from it. Can there be a better deal?

We at The Yellow Spot have done countless such outbound team building workshops for many of our esteemed clients. We believe in a complete blend of fun and learning. One can only experience the team bond when they enjoy working with the team.

The activities that we did at the learning week were very interesting. People enjoyed doing these activities and more than that they could easily reflect on what they had learned from them. That was truly the best part about it!

You know these team building workshops can only be successful when the facilitator is really good. Making the participants have fun and bringing out learnings in that short a duration is tough! Such workshops can completely go for a toss.

That’s why we ensure we give our clients the best facilitators. This is why our workshops are always very successful. In fact, our trainers and facilitators can always be trusted with this.

I would also like to share with you about what I realised about our i.e. The Yellow Spot’s team during these workshops. I noticed that we were amazing as a team ourselves. We had everything perfectly managed, right from the activity material to the debrief. We were spot on all through.

That is really what matters the most. When you are about to teach someone something, it makes no sense unless you yourself don’t follow it. As they ‘Practice what you preach’. I was really proud of our team. We displayed true team work to the people whom we were going to teach the importance of team work.

So yes, if you are looking at such learning week events or team building workshops for your team, we can help you with such inbound or outbound workshops. We specialise in giving you the perfect blend of fun and learning using various methodologies, customized as per your need.

Visit our website at and take a look at our gallery for pictures and videos of team buildings workshops we have done so far. You will definitely enjoy it. You can also check other offerings that match your requirements.

For more details you can always write to us on or call us at +91 9769733305. We will be happy to associate with you.

Presentation Skills Training to excel at Presentations

Today, our topic of discussion is Presentation Skills Training. This is another very important skill besides communication skills, which is a must these days.

What are Presentation Skills

When you meet someone, the first impression that you create on the person depends on the way you present yourself to them.  That is one of the major factors that creates a perception about you in their mind. That’s the reason why creating a positive impression in the first instance is very important. Like they say, the first impression is pretty much the last impression! This is why honing your presentation skills is so important.

Now the way we present ourselves in various instances is one aspect of Presentation Skills. Another aspect of Presentation Skills is how we present ourselves and what we have to present during a presentation.

Giving Presentations

I’m sure you must have noticed how giving presentations can be a very big deal for some people. On the other hand, its  not that big for others. Did you know that the fear of public speaking is one of the topmost fears that practically every individual possesses. So you’re really not the only one that gets freaked out when they have to present before an audience! In fact the well known Bollywood actor Mr. Amitabh Bacchan admits to still feeling nervous whilst on the stage even after having reached the stardom that he has!

Presentation Skills Training for calming those nerves
Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bacchan still suffers from stage fright


So what if you have been able to calm your nerves and are not fearful of presenting in front of an audience? Do you still need Presentation Skills Training? Well not being nervous isn’t the only thing that’s required to make a great presentation is it. There are many more ingredients that need to be added in the right proportion to churn out an amazing presentation.

In fact there many do’s and dont’s that need to be understood carefully. Learning these and implementing them in the right way can give you the presentation skills that you have always wanted and bestow success on you like you had never imagined!

Improving your Presentation Skills

So are you ready to turn your presentation skills completely around?

Let’s begin by me asking you some questions. Well you know me, I always start every change process with awareness as the first step!

So here  goes..

Do you ever face challenges in giving a presentation? Which areas do you lack in? Are you able to say what you have to with confidence? Are you able to put your message across clearly? How does your audience receive your presentations? Do they listen with equal vigour till the end?

Presentation Skills Training

Presentation skills training is booming big time. Why, because the number of presentations  that we have to make to our varies stakeholders is ever on the rise. So whether its a client, a co-worker, our boss or the management committee, presentations are becoming a part and parcel of everyday life.

Now, presentation skills training is not just about the PowerPoint presentations that we often think it to be. Its also about the way you present yourself in front of others.

Talking about PowerPoint Presentations, let me tell you about a time when I was pursuing my MBA. Just like other MBA students, I also had lots of presentations to be given during our course and I used to be very excited about them.

I still remember eagerly awaiting the presentations of one of my classmates. I always noticed the level of confidence he used to display while giving his presentations. It was always well-prepared, to-the-point, with loads of examples and crystal clear concepts. His presentations were always very impactful and everyone could understand with minimal effort what he was trying to say. In fact, not just during presentations but also during my regular interactions with him I noticed how he made it a point to be impressively presentable! He was really strong on his presentations skills, I must say.

Communication skills play a very important role in developing your presentation skills. They go hand in hand. But what is more important is, the Confidence. Confidence is the first and foremost and most essential criteria for good presentation skills. In fact if this important criterion is not ticked off, it’s high time you realize that you need to opt for a good presentation skills training at the earliest!

Presentation Skills Training
Effective Presentation Skills


The Importance of Presentation Skills Training

Many organisations today look forward to developing their employees on presentation skills.  They have understood its importance and have rated it as one of the top skills on their list. They understand that being presentable at the workplace, at official events, in a meeting, during a discussion with a client, etc. is essential.

Trust me if you are a good presenter, you will always get first preference. It is also beneficial when it comes to your career. Being a good presenter, you are more likely to climb the corporate ladder faster. Presentation skills will thus help in every aspect of life.

If you are one of those organisations who are looking at conducting presentation skills training for your people, get in touch with us right away. Our presentation skills training will help you take your employees to the next level by being more presentable in every aspect of the word!

Also take a look at our list of soft skills training. Do visit our website and connect with us at to explore how we can help you.

Happy Presenting!

Personality Development Training – a Necessity

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything for you guys. There was something that I observed in a recent assignment of ours that made me realise the importance of personality development training. So I thought I should share it with all of you too.

So in this assignment we had an opportunity to interact with the participants on a one-to-one basis. The participants were all front line people who deal with customers on a regular basis and are hence expected to be well-groomed and very well behaved at their job. After all, the employee is the Brand Ambassador of the organisation and can make or break it’s reputation, right?

What is Personality?

Most people misinterpret personality as just the physical appearance of a person, but that is far from the truth! In fact its the inner personality or should i say inner world of an individual that creates the real impact on other people. Physical appearance is just a part of it all. This inner world influences the way in which a person acts and interacts and that is what their real personality is all about.

That is why the front line or the people in the organisation who directly interact with customers or clients have to be up to the mark. They are the face of the organisation. This makes personality development training essential for them.

Personality development training builds confidence
Personality development builds confidence


Personality Development Training

One can always develop his/her personality by introspecting, reading, noticing others, acquiring more knowledge or by taking formal personality development training.

Personality development training helps a person in practising techniques to look confident. Speaking smartly & dressing in style creates a good impression as it is a normal human tendency to judge a person by his/her looks first. Moreover, looking good makes the person himself feel more confident which in turn will make him look even more confident!

The overall outcomes of personality development training are the benefits that the participants get from it. A proper personality development procedure can make an amazingly positive change in his/her attitude.

Now coming back to my observation during our assignment. Here we interacted with around 12-15 participants on a one-to-one basis. I observed that although some of the participants really knew their job well, there was some serious work that was required to be done on their personality and their confidence levels.

That is when I realised how necessary it was for them to get personality development training on an urgent basis, customer service being such an important part of their job role. Although they had good experience and a lot of knowledge as far as their work was concerned, they had difficulty in sharing their experience with us as they were poor on confidence and communication skills.

What makes up Personality?

Genes, the environment and life experiences till mainly the age of 6 years is what plays a very important role in the formation of your personality. So does that mean that if you have inherited certain not so good traits, have had a bad environment or faced a bad childhood you are doomed? Is there some way by which you can still develop your personality in to a great one?

The truth is that ‘changing’ your personality is a difficult task. But one can always learn, practice and develop it. That is what many great personalities have done in the past and will continue doing. In fact its their ability to learn and consistently strive for the best that makes them great.

So its not just your physical appearance that you have to work on, although that is important to. You have to feel and look confident, talk smart, have a healthy body and adopt good habits. Get aware of the way you think, your attitude and your approach in general to things. As you will eventually become better as a person it will start reflecting in your personality. Then there’s really no looking back from there!

Do you wish to develop your personality and propel yourself to success? Then I suggest you opt for a personality development training for yourself or your employees. You will definitely be able to see the change.

At The Yellow Spot, we conduct Personality Development training that focuses on retraining your inner and outer world. It also helps in increasing  personal and interpersonal effectiveness. This brings about the real change in an individual’s, team’s and organisation’s life.

If you look forward to us conducting a personality development training for you in your organisation, connect with us right away. You can visit us at or write to us at


A different kind of Sales Training

Sales Training programs have been around since many years and have contributed immensely towards how humans now sell their products.

From door to door selling to digital marketing the required selling skills have changed drastically. In the current age of social media it is essential to be seen and known.

So what does sales training require now and how do we succeed in the current situation with the huge amount of competition? How do we make ourselves known?

I feel the answer lies in the way we look at sales and not so much in the skills. In fact to have the required skills is a given, we require much more than that.

Lets understand the current global situation..

The VUCA World

Every moment a new product gets launched and by the time it is introduced another competitor has already either copied the product or has come up with a better one to counter the current product. The term ‘VUCA’ commonly used by the military applies to all of us. We all live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complicated and Ambiguous world.

Therefore many of the sales training’s we attend and the skills we learn in a classroom or by reading books get outdated and may not hold true for this VUCA world. In fact the situations that are thrown up during your daily sales calls now are probably not something you can easily learn in the books and the programs. They are unique, probably more complex and require solutions that one has to come up with on the spot. It may not be possible to deal with such situations just by using our past experience and conditioning.

The Yellow Spot Sales Training Program

The Yellow Spot Sales Training program hence offers a Sales Workshop which does not only focus on selling skills but also on how to deal with the VUCA situation that we face on a sales call or during the sales process.

It’s about coming up with a here and now solution rather than only relying on what you have learnt from the past experience as the current situation is different and it demands a different approach.


Sales Training


Hence the first aspect we focus on in our training is to unlearn what we have learnt and get aware of our past conditioning and our biases. This is done by exercises and assessments which make us aware about our state of mind. It also opens up awareness about our blind areas.

It is said that once you get aware of  something, you get the power to change it. The objective is hence to enhance awareness.

So what should one get aware of is the next question.


Awareness is of two types,  one is in the form of what is happening inside an individual and the other is in the form of what is taking place outside.

Inside awareness is created by getting in touch with one’s thoughts, emotions and sensations. Outside awareness is about getting in touch with what one senses; which is what one sees, hears, tastes, smells, etc.

The Yellow Spot’s focuses on creating this awareness through exercises, tools and techniques as well as sharing.

The next step of the Sales Training is skill building.  So how do we built the sales skills? Here we focus on group processes.

We, at The Yellow spot, operate from the thought that the team holds the intelligence and the experience of selling their product and service well and if this intelligence is surfaced then wonderful skills can be learned from ourselves and our team members.

In order to facilitate this we allow group sharing and ideating as well as brainstorming processes and utilize the data generated to learn as well as unlearn.

Once the intelligence is generated, the next step is to practice what has emerged. This is done in the form of simulations, role plays, games and activities so that Kolb’s Learning Cycle gets actualized.

The next step is to provide the participants with tools and concepts that are easy to understand and which can be applied in daily sales. Simplicity and effectiveness are the key focus here.

We have designed tools and concepts through our many years of sales experience within The Yellow Spot as well as by conducting programs for our other clients. These tools and concepts are applicable in most situations and are applicable at every step of the sales process.

Post Training

Now, the most crucial part of any program comes in when the learning has to be applied. Hence we also lay a lot of stress on what is done post the program rather than only on what is learnt during it.

Here we provide support to participants in the form of creating learning platforms, conducting review sessions, sending information on the topic and gaining feedback on their action plans.

Applying the newly learnt skills on the field helps in increasing retention of the learning’s as immediate experimentation takes place and makes the learning stronger.

We even suggest going a step ahead and gaining feedback from the line managers on the actioning of the action plans. This ensures that the application of the learning on the field is taken seriously and a transfer climate is provided to the participant by their seniors. It also brings in seriousness in terms of implementation as you have observation and feedback taking place at the workplace.

If you would want to conduct a Sales Training of this kind within your organization, connect with us at

Is Email Etiquette Training Important?

What’s your take on Email Etiquette training? Do you think it’s important? How about me giving you some insights on it and then you can tell me whether you feel its important or not. Alright?

Written Communication

Some of us prefer using written communication over having a face to face or a telephonic conversation with a person. All my introvert friends, am I right? Well I’m pretty much the same so I can totally relate! However, what we don’t realise is that often we need to follow up on our written communication with either a phone call or a personal visit. Why, because written communication is not that easy. It is actually more difficult than the other forms of communication and can often lead to incomplete communication which later needs to be completed.

However, written communication is a more formal form of communication and is hence being used so widely in organisations nowadays. It provides a solid proof of what has been communicated which is good for us most of the time but can make our lives difficult when we land up making mistakes in our emails. So while oral communication may allow you to make a few mistakes here and there which you can cover up later, mistakes in written communication can create grave problems.

E-Mail Writing

The Email is one form of written communication that is used on a regular basis in businesses across various levels. Almost all the communication within and outside the organisation is conveyed over emails. Emails provide a quick way of transmitting information across the levels in the organisation and also between various organisations.

Keeping in mind the significance and extent of Email usage in business transactions nowadays, Email Etiquette has emerged as one of the skills that every employee needs to develop. It is for this reason that the need for Email etiquette training is on an all time high and is growing in leaps and bounds.

Poorly written emails, emails with mistakes or emails lacking professionalism can give a bad impression to the recipient about you and your organisation. One can also get into big problems because of emails being misinterpreted!

Need for Email Etiquette training
The emerging need for Email Etiquette Training
E-Mail Examples:

Let me give you an example of a bad Email to make my point clearer:

Hi Ms. ABC,

We are the No. 1 Corporate training company in Mumbai.  And we are looking for some sales people in our organisation. Send us your resume and you will get back to you sometime soon.


Would you ever choose to work for such an organisation? I assume not! This email definitely sounds rude and is completely unprofessional.

Now, let me give you an example of how this email should have been written, i.e. a good email:

Dear Ms. ABC,

Greetings from PQR!

I represent PQR, a Corporate Training Company based out of Mumbai. We are currently looking for Sales Professionals who can help us strengthen our Business Development efforts and reach out to a larger audience.  

We came across your resume on RST and found your profile suitable for the same.

In case you would want to take up this opportunity, we request you to come down to our office on 25th July, 2017 at 11am for a initial round of discussion with our Head HR, Mr. EFG.

Please make a note our office address: _________________________________

Feel free to revert back with any queries.

Warm Regards,


What do you think of this Email? Liked it? That is what creates the difference. The second Email is more polite, professional and complete. It has clearly been written with the recipient in mind and has tried to answer all the questions that the recipient may ask to avoid emails being sent to and fro.

Did  you know that a single email is enough to create an impression on its recipient? Therefore one has to be very careful about the content and formatting of the email. There are various things that have to be kept in mind while writing an email like the words being used, the length of the email, people marked in the mail, email forwarding, levels of professionalism, attachments, the subject line and many other things.

Sound complex? Well it’s not actually, provided you undergo a good Email Etiquette Training!

So coming back to my question, is Email Etiquette Training important? Am sure this article would have given you a good enough perspective for you to easily answer that question now!

Just like other forms of Business Etiquette Training, Email Etiquette Training has also become mandatory in the corporate world. If you feel that you need assistance in getting a better hold on writing great Emails, then now is the right time. Please request your organisation to train you on email writing right away, for this is on of those stepping stones that could take you ahead or could keep you from growing.

Companies have started realizing the important of training their employees on Email etiquette and are also investing big time in it just like they do for other forms of business etiquette training.

We at The Yellow Spot realise this growing need and provide Email Etiquette Training to our clients. Our Email etiquette training helps people in developing their email writing skills to a great extent and covers a large number of aspects, some of which we exhibited in the examples and discussion above.

If you are looking at training your people on email writing, do visit our website at to know more about us and our offerings. Feel free to connect with us for any Corporate Training and Consulting related queries. See you soon:)


The future of Soft Skills Training in Mumbai

Hello everyone. How are you doing? Have been going through some news events lately and i thought it would be best to discuss the future of Soft Skills Training in Mumbai with all of you. So let’s begin…

Did I hear you asking what are Soft Skills? Well let me explain…

A computer or a laptop is made up of two parts, the hardware and the software. The hardware has the CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors, etc.  while the software has the operating system along with the programs and applications.

In order for the computer to work, it is essential that the hardware and software work in tandem with each other and communicate well. So while the software sends signals to the hardware and tells it how a command or instruction is to be executed, the hardware executes it. Without either of the two, the computer cannot operate.


Soft Skills Training in Mumbai
Computer parts communicating


Similarly a human being also has two sets of skills. One is hard skills which are the more tangible and quantifiable skills like operating a machine or typing on a computer, while the other are soft skills. Soft skills are the less tangible and less quantifiable skills like imbibing a positive attitude in one’s self, which usually gets noticed in the form of behaviour and actions.

While Organizations regularly equip their employees with hard skills, they increasingly require more and more people with enhanced soft skills and behavioural skills to make better use of their hard skills.

The world is currently moving from an industrial age to an artificial intelligence age. Frankly, the pace at which the change is happening is rapid and unimaginable! I was just reading yesterday that very soon we are going to be replacing humans with robots in almost every sphere. So we won’t need drivers to drive our automated cars, we won’t need maids to clean our robot-friendly houses and most skilled jobs would now be done by robots. Just imagine what’s going to happen in the future!

This means that the hard skills learnt in the past as well as those one is learning in the present may not be useful in the future. These will get obsolete in a very short span of time. In fact by the time you learn a new skill it might just get obsolete and will be replaced by another skill or should i say by a robot displaying that skill!

In such an era, it is very natural to feel lost with the fast pace of the world. As the world gets more and more digitised, the need for learning hard skills is reducing and employees specialising in certain hard skills may soon be obsolete.

The only way to sustain will be to be agile and enhance your soft and behavioral skills to enable you to have the right approach towards this fast changing world. More and more soft skills and interpersonal skills will be required as they will play a key role in managing the self and being able to cope up with the rapid changes around us.

Wondering which soft skills you need to equip yourself with to shield you in the future?

Some of the top required soft skills of the future are Emotional Intelligence, Imbibing Positive Attitude, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Managing Self and Managing Others, Managing Conflicts, Personal and Servant Leadership, Effective Delegation, Assertiveness, Negotiation Skills, Working with diverse people and Leading and Managing Change.

Wondering how? Let’s look at an example. Let’s see how Emotional Intelligence plays a huge role in managing the self as well as in interpersonal relations:

  • At the first level, it helps create self awareness about how one feels and hence throws light on our thought processes also
  • Second level helps an individual understand how he or she behaves as a result of how he or she feels
  • At the third level, the individual learns about how others respond to them based on their behaviours
  • In the fourth level, the individual learns to manage his emotions and thoughts as a result of his emotional awareness
  • At the fifth level, the individual learns to understand others’ emotions and their behaviours and deals with them as well as his own emotions getting generated out of his interpersonal interactions
Soft Skills Training in Mumbai
Emotional Intelligence


Such skills play a very important role in the growth and success of an individual as well as of a team and eventually of an organization. It helps them manage the self, manage others, establish long lasting and meaningful relationships, resolve conflicts, negotiate win-win and grow and lead a rich life.

The current century with its perils and challenges needs an individual to learn and practice Emotional Intelligence to succeed in everything he or she does. Emotional Intelligence can be learned and the learning journey starts with getting awareness, accepting and then taking action. Over a period of time with rigorous practice and awareness an individual can reach the 5th level of Emotional Intelligence.

Just like Emotional Intelligence Training, The Yellow Spot specializes in offering Soft Skills Training in Mumbai and other cities. It also specializes in Coaching solutions, Leadership Development programs, Organizational Effectiveness solutions and E-Learning solutions for its clients across India. To learn more about our Soft Skills Training in Mumbai nd how we can equip you to face the future, do visit us at


Beyond ‘good’ Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai

Hello again, hope you’ll are doing really well:) Just thought I’d pop in and tell you something interesting that I realized the other day. Something that will help you in identifying which corporate training institutes in Mumbai really are different and can help you and your employees reach a whole ‘other’ level.

Sounds exciting? Well then, let’s go!

As you all know, we are currently in the midst of a huge change. I know GST is currently what change means to us, but I am talking about some other change, our change. Yes, The Yellow Spot’s change. We are changing and are changing really fast. Our logo, look and feel. We have some new members added on our team and with the renewed energy, we thought it was finally time to get a complete makeover!

Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai
Our Makeover

Now don’t start jumping to conclusions and getting all anxious! Our old values, standards, service, all still hold true. Yes they do! Those are our foundation blocks and we will never go back on them:) So we will offer you the same reliability, transparency, creativity (although that’s increased with some of the new members!), quality and integrity. So what’s the change? We are bigger and better than before!

So coming back to my realisation. We were all sitting and discussing whether we wanted to change our values after the new energy coming in. We realized that we didn’t want to change them, but felt like something was missing.  These values were great, but they somewhere only provided a very heady feel of what we are and what we represent, if you know what I mean! The heart element that we all so strongly believe in was missing. They were what we would unanimously agree on, but something needed to be added and we were yet to identify the underlying current that would make these values all the more strong.

Since we had paucity of time that evening, we decided to park the values piece and relook at it a little later. The next day morning, I was pleasantly woken up by a Whatsapp video one of my colleagues had sent us. Off late, I haven’t been very regular when it comes to viewing Whatsapp videos. However, I felt a strong desire to take a look at this one and so I went ahead.

It was an Oprah Winfrey video where she spoke about what her mother had once told her. It was focused on ‘Touching Lives.’ The minute I heard that term, I knew that was it. I knew this was the missing term, the missing value. This was exactly what I felt I wanted to do being a part of a corporate training institute in Mumbai. I wanted to touch the lives of all our participants, client representatives, the hotel staff who look after us where we conduct the sessions, the drivers who take us to the sessions, the IT people who help us in the set up of equipment, and every person that we touched directly or indirectly through our various means of communication. Not to forget our entire team whose lives we touch everyday!

Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai
Touching Lives

Oprah said that material things are good, but they are not the ones that are going to make us happy at the end of the day.  No matter how many cars, houses, clothes, shoes and other material possessions we have at the end of the day; if our relationships are not good it is all useless. Such objects can make us happy momentarily but they certainly do not have the potential to keep us happy in the long run.

I couldn’t agree less with her. Remember the last time you bought a new pair of shoes that you had been dying to buy? How long did the shoes make you really happy? One month? Less?

Think about it. All we all really want is for people to understand us and love us. Love is all that our heart’s truly desire. Am sure you can connect back to the feeling that you carried when you first fell in love with a cute girl or boy in your school or college. Amazing wasn’t it! Don’t you wish it could have lasted forever?

To tell you the truth, that feeling can last forever. Yes, it doesn’t have to end. How? In two ways, which actually feed in to each other!

  1. One is by touching other people’s lives and bringing happiness to them. This opens up our hearts and helps us get in touch with the love that we carry inside us. So expressing love actually helps us feel the love that is present inside us in such abundance.
  2. The other way is by directly getting in touch with our inner core, the source of love and permanent happiness. How? You’ll have to give us a chance to first touch your life and ignite that spark inside and then help you get in touch with it directly!

So are you ready to join us on this journey? A journey where we get together, spread happiness and make this world a happier place. A journey where we touch lives and help people fall in love with themselves.

If you are then please connect with us. You can visit our website and join us in our endeavour.

P.S. I messaged my colleague and told him how I loved the video. Before I could actually told him that I see ‘Touching Lives’ as the missing link, I received a message from him saying the same! The best part about it was that it also resonated with the entire group. We all felt the same and knew that this was a value which we had been looking for!

If you ask me, this is what sets us apart from other Corporate Training Institutes in Mumbai. This is what you need to look for when you look for corporate training institutes in Mumbai. Not just a head, a good heart too!

Worried About Finding a Quality Corporate Trainer?

Hello Peeps!! I hope you guys remember one of my previous articles, where we discussed how soft skills training is not undervalued any more. We also discussed that for a training to be effective, it is important that the corporate trainer that we have chose, is himself or herself effective. Only then can you expect a quality programme.

We all know that there are so many corporate trainers out there already and lot more aspiring ones too. So there are many options and frankly too many options can create a lot of confusion!

For example, assume that you are a company who is looking forward to some training for your team. You have decided on a particular topic. Now, there are so many questions that will come to your mind. Like,  ‘Where do I look for the appropriate trainer?’ ‘Will he be able to deliver my requirements and achieve the objectives that I have thought of?’ ‘Is this trainer reliable?’ ‘Will he be able to deliver a quality programme?’ ‘Will he be able to connect to the participants’ ‘Will i get a good return on my investment out of the training’ and many more.

Confusion in selecting a Corporate Trainer


Now, how and where do you find solutions to these questions?

The solution to all of these questions is a good and reliable Corporate Training Company. Why so?

Good corporate training companies have a huge trainer database. When a client approaches these companies for a particular intervention, they filter out the best and most appropriate trainer profiles from their database and presents to its client.

Say for example, you are looking for a corporate trainer for a particular workshop that is to be conducted in your organisation. You don’t have to go through hundreds of profiles from various portals and websites to find the best one. Instead, you can simply ask a corporate training company to send you some of the most suitable trainers’ profiles for that particular assignment and choose the best one.

Simple, isn’t it? It saves your time and loads of effort! It also helps you ensure that you get the most appropriate corporate trainer who has the experience and capability of delivering quality interventions.

So, why not go for this option?

Quality assured corporate trainers
Quality Assured Trainers

We at ‘The Yellow Spot’ have more than a 100 trainers empanelled with us across the country and keep adding more! All of these are shortlisted on the basis of their profiles, training videos and personal meetings to ensure the best quality is offered to our clients.

So whether you are looking for a trainer for a basic Communication Skills workshop for entry level participants or a Coach for a CEO, we can definitely provide you the best quality trainer, coach or consultant. In fact if you have a niche requirement or need a trainer from a specific industry only, we will be happy to go out and find such a trainer for you.  Our internal team has expertise in recruitment also and can definitely help you out on the same!

In fact it was last week only that we got such a weird requirement, if I may call it so! The client told us about his requirement, but was frankly not sure of what he really wanted. All he knew was he wanted some very generic topics like motivation, etc. to be covered, for a very large batch of blue-collared staff, in a specific South Indian language only and that too alone. He was not even sure about the duration of the session that he wanted or was needed.

So we were left trying to find a corporate trainer who was comfortable training in this ‘rare’ training language, one who was comfortable handling a large audience alone, a corporate trainer who had experience in training the workforce specifically, one who was good at giving motivational speeches and of course one who was good at figuring out what the client wants when he is confused! Phew! That was a tough one, but we were successfully able to did it:)

As always, we at The Yellow Spot make sure that we provide you the best workshops with the best and the most effective corporate trainers. Visit our website at  and take a look at the workshops that we offer and feel free to connect with us to find the best people who can deliver them.


Making Performance Coaching work

The recently concluded French Open Tennis championship and the ongoing ICC Cricket cup have engrossed people the world over. It doesn’t matter that one is a display of individual resilience & skill backed by months of hard work, while the other is about a cohesive team display on the day. Spectators will rally to support their favourites and celebrate success like it is a personal victory anyhow! The world of sports has always been a source of unbridled passion, intense learning and inspiration. It undoubtedly leads the way in skill mastery and mindset preparedness. How? By using performance coaching.

Performance Coaching for Excelling in Sports
Performance Coaching for Excelling in Sports

Performance coaching has become the mainstay of driving and improving performance.  It is a personal and conversational process that facilitates discovery and unlocking of a person’s potential to maximize performance. Most organizations are continuously ‘raising the bar’ of expectations from their employees and the ask of leaders is to inspire people to strive for more and better. Performance coaching is a powerful yet intimate process that augments openness to personal learning and the ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues. It creates a commitment and momentum with the individuals involved to get things done.

Performance coaching is a learnt skill and there are several models that give some structure and direction to the conversation. Understanding the model is almost never enough and post training skill practice with feedback from an expert coach is a good practice.

The Principles of Performance Coaching

To make performance coaching work for your employees, here are 6 principles to keep in mind:

  1. Coaching sessions should be planned and scheduled in advance

Performance coaching conversations are exploratory in nature. The employee and coach agree on the agenda and embark on a discovery journey to find solutions and remove barriers. The employee needs to be in an open and relaxed mind space to explore possibilities and commit to actions. On the other hand, the coach needs to be observant and alert to understand the individual dynamics and ask insightful questions to facilitate the exploration. Planning the session helps in ensuring that one enters the coaching session, prepared and rearing to go!

  1. Not all leaders are inherently good coaches; train and support them to become one

My profound learning as a coach is that coaching is more than just a process or conversation. It is commitment to a ‘way of being’ to allow others to discover and share personal truths and individual paths.

The coach needs to suspend his judgement and be in service of the coachee.  There may be a time when the coach needs to share his knowledge and experience, but the coach needs to be judicious in picking that moment.

A coach needs to wear the learner hat and keep learning from every performance coaching experience.


  1. Performance coaching is not the coach’s agenda, the coachee has to have equal buy in

In general, the coaching conversation is about the employee. The coaching session helps the employee reach higher levels of effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads to awareness and action. For it to be effective both parties have to be equally invested in the conversation and seeking to understand each other. They are not trying to prove, teach or motivate the other to do something.

The coach starts the coaching relationship explaining the purpose and setting the context of the conversation. With time, they reach a space of mutual respect and understanding.


  1. Coaching helps in learning rather than in teaching

One of my favourite thumb rules for the coach is to be mindful of who is speaking more in the conversation. The coachee is the focal point and star of the conversation. The coach triggers thoughts through insightful questions that can lead to revelations for the coachee.

Gaining insights through Performance Coaching
Gaining insights through Performance Coaching

The coach needs to learn to ‘hold space’ and be comfortable with silence during the conversation. He needs to allow learning to happen rather than jumping to a teaching mode.


  1. Feedback and appraisal conversations are not the same as performance coaching

Feedback, Appraisals and Coaching all have a place in improving and managing performance and cannot be interchanged with each other.

Coaching is about assisting employees reach their goals, while feedback is about helping employees understand the barriers that prevent them from reaching their current goals. The fundamental difference between coaching and feedback is that feedback focuses on the past, while coaching focuses on the future. Performance appraisals on the other hand are conversations to review past performance against benchmarks, agree on future goals and discuss training and development needs. Used together, the 3 are the cornerstones of performance management.


  1. Do not confuse performance coaching with counselling

Coaching is work-related and focused on cognitive realities or on some occasions revelations of ‘just below the surface’ things. Performance coaching is a proactive approach as it looks at generating possibilities, whereas counselling is reactive in nature as it focuses on observed symptoms and behaviours. Counsellors may actually require professional training in psychological processes.

Performance coaching creates a space to step back and reflect. It helps a person effectively deal with their reactions to barriers and discover effective solutions as they move forward to achieve better results.  Just like sports!

Reach your potential with Performance Coaching
Reach your potential with                              Performance Coaching

To give your team some great insights about their performance and take them to the next level, do give us a call on 9769733305. Do also visit our website at


Tomorrowland and Change Management Training?

Guess which movie I saw yesterday? Tomorrowland. Seen it? It’s one of those movies which has a deep meaning to it but the meaning can get lost in the Sci-fi action that is shown. Now you must be wondering what this movie has to do with change management training right? Well let me explain.

Movies are a great way of learning. They give you a visual experience and some of them have enough juice in them to allow you to mull over them for hours and sometimes even days together! I still remember when I first saw the Matrix. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for so many days!

Well this movie, Tomorrowland seems to have had a similar effect on me! I saw it last night and am somehow still under its influence! So what was so special about this movie? The foundation of it. For most of the movie, it was rockets flying around and people roaming around in flying machines in a visually appealing location filled with high risers and flyovers. In fact I spent a major portion of time actually wondering what the movie was trying to show and whether it was really going to go anywhere or not!

Change Management Training
The Tomorrowland Movie


It was the end of the movie which had its soul, a dialogue given by the ‘so-called’ villain which explained exactly why he was doing what he was doing. This in turn was followed by some other good dialogues on human behaviour. The whole message was very beautiful and it really struck me as it was so true.

What the movie talked about was as I said human behaviour. It spoke about the feedback loop and how we tend to get stuck in it. So in the movie they had this large monitor which was sending out signals of doom to the people on earth. The villain had intended that these signals would actually scare people and they would wake up and do something about the doom that the earth was heading towards. However, instead of taking action on it, people latched on to the negative thought. Instead of fighting against the negative, they now fed into the negative, creating a negative feedback loop which created more negativity. In this manner the negativity just continued and nobody made the effort of breaking out of it! This was until there were some people who were aware of the negativity and still had hope rose up. They realized that feeding negativity would lead to more negativity as what you feed grows. They stood up and fought to save the world with all their positivity and hope. This in turn inspired others and earth was saved.

Change Management Training
The Wolf Story from Tomorrowland

This story is actually the story of our minds. What we focus on grows. If we focus on the negative, the negative grows. Of we focus on the positive, positive grows. Its up to us what we want to focus on. The world is going to keep throwing negative on us as it is what is currently there in the collective consciousness. However if we can stay focused on our path and bring ourselves back to the positive even when we stray, then we will turn out to be the winners.

Another interesting aspect that I found here was the negative monitor which throws negativity. The monitor is definitely out there in the world. The politics, famine, murders, hate and resentment being proof of it. However there is a monitor in our minds too. It’s the tape that keep running in our minds and telling us how pathetic we are. Even if we do something good, this tape tells us that it’s not good enough and makes us feel like losers. It somehow always tells us that we are not good enough no matter what we do!

 It is actually this tape that is responsible for stopping our progress. If we can learn to question the tape and only listen to those things that are true, we can actually make the changes that we want to make in life.

Seeing the link now, the link between this movie and change management training?

So this brings me back to my most favourite model, the model of change.

The Change Model

This model has the following three steps:

  1. Awareness
  2. Acceptance
  3. Action

So what do we have to do to  change? Go step by step. If you directly jump to the third step action then you could be setting yourself up for failure. Why? Haven’t you seen when you try to exercise to lose weight what happens. Most of us are motivated for about a fortnight and then it slowly wanes off! So why does this happen? It is because of the little tape in our minds. It says things to us which make us lode the motivation that we need to go on. It actually resists the forward movement, a sort of anti gravity I would say! So the more you try to move forward the more your mind will pull you back. This makes your chances of being successful at your endeavor very bleak.

So what should you do? Go step by step. First get aware of what your tape is saying. If it’s telling you that you are a lazy person and you will never be able to lose weight then be aware of it. After you have heard it out now accept that it is saying that. What happens with most of us is that we start an internal conflict as soon as we get aware of things. We start fighting with our minds and all our energy gets wasted in fighting rather than moving to the next step. So what we have to do here is to accept what our mind is saying. Tell it that yes we have been lazy in the past but let’s see what happens this time. This will create a certain kind of peace inside which will give you enough energy, clarity and direction to move to the next step of action. Then you can finally take the third step and create the change that you want in your life.

Getting aware of and accepting our minds can be quite a task and takes a lot of practice and motivation. If you want to create a change in your life and need some help with it, we’re always there to assist you. Join us in our change management training where we help in mastering our change management model. Do also visit our website to have a look at the areas where you would want to create a change in your life.